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Learn + Earn (L+E) is a yearlong incentive-based completion and career readiness program that encourages and supports sophomore, junior, and senior students as they complete their undergraduate degree in four years and begin their respective careers, regardless of major.

L+E provides opportunities for students to understand their career goals, explore and develop career adjacent skills, receive professional polishing to graduate career-ready, and be positioned to become leaders in their community.

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Participation spans students’ 2nd-4th years at the U. Each student will apply and complete requirement check-ins to be eligible to participate each year.


L+E scholarship eligibility is based on a student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The L+E scholarship is in addition to any other grants or scholarships a student might receive, so a student’s L+E scholarship amount might be adjusted if their total financial aid exceeds the university’s cost of attendance.

Program Eligibility Requirements

L+E focuses on guiding students to learn (academic) and earn (work/financial scholarship) in order to graduate and be career-ready. Students must satisfy each of the following requirements to be eligible to receive annual scholarship.

Program Requirements


→ Submit application annually

→ New students must complete the career interest survey

→ Students must have verifiable campus employment (work study is included)

→ Registered for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester (24 credit hours for year, including summer)

→ Maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA

→ Maximum of three years of participation in program

→ Complete four appointments with a Career Coach during the academic year (Two in the Fall & Two in the Spring)

→ Attend or participate in at least one career-engagement opportunity per year

→ Complete a program milestone each year (ex. Complete resume by end of year 1, conduct an informational interview by the end of year 2, apply for a job related to your field by end of year 3)


Three-Year Plan

L+E’s three-year plan guides students’ journey through the program and helps you prepare for life after the U. For each year of participation, you will need to complete the milestone activities, a minimum of 24 credit hours and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.

Academic and Career Support

Each cohort of L+E participants receive support for Career Coaches and Student Success Coaches at the university. The L+E program provides built-in appointments for coaching, career-engagement opportunities, and tracks student progress





Last Updated: 10/18/23